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What is a Research Doula?

A Research Doula support clients in the shallow or deep research needed to support your journey and all the questions and unknowns that come along with it. Whether you need support for an hour, a day, or a month's time, I commit to gathering information on a variety of subjects to support.  Similar to a science researcher, I am a trusted ally that carries out investigations through literature, organizations, and networking in an organized and systematic fashion for you.

A few topics I have help clients with include (but not limited to!):

  • Infertility (PCOS, Endotremetois)

  • Life after Birth (Family dynamic changes & needs, relationship management, mental health & wellness, sibling support)

  • Labor & Birth Planning

  • Postpartum Planning (Mental and physical gealing & self-care)

  • Family Planning

  • Mindful Parenting

  • Postpartum Fitness

  • Postpartum anxiety and depression

  • Hormones & Pregnancy

  • Geriatric Pregnancy

  • Doctor visit preparation (specific topics, questions, concerns... etc)

What is a Travel Doula?

Similar to a Travel Nanny, a Travel Doula support a family during any phase of postpartum outside the comforts of their home during a short or long-term trip or outing.  This can be work, vacation, holiday, or adjusting to a move related. Specialized in the support neededs for all family members during the adjustment. 

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